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Get Rewards For Building On Top Of USDA: Join The New Angle Integration Program

Angle Protocol launches its new integration program. When integrating USDA or stUSD, protocols can now become co-owner of Angle Procotol and its stablecoins! All this is achieved through 'Prots' integration credits. With this new program, protocols will achieve higher returns by integrating USDA compared to any other stablecoin.

We firmly believe that USDA is the best Dollar stablecoin out there: it’s reliable with strong price stability mechanisms, it generates the highest risk-adjusted yield, it offers exposure to RWAs, and it’s as liquid as USDC.

The undeniable power of USDA reveals itself through firsthand use. Once you taste it, you'll be hooked. This is why we're fully committed to giving protocols and all other crypto players a boost in integrating and embracing our dollar stablecoin!

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new USDA integration program!

It’s simple: integrate USDA, get credits to exchange for ANGLE tokens, be part of the Protocol, and make USDA your own stablecoin.

USDA, a community-shared stablecoin

When a protocol integrates USDA or stUSD within our new program, it does not only benefit from the best USD stablecoin and its low-risk yield, but it also becomes a co-owner of Angle Protocol and its stablecoins!

That’s right. By integrating USDA, protocols can make USDA their own stablecoin.


Protocols who integrate USDA will be able to claim ANGLE, the governance token of the Angle Protocol. Holding ANGLE tokens means being an owner of the Protocol.

No need to create your own stablecoin, just share the ownership of USDA with the rest of the ecosystem!

Plus, ANGLE tokens give access to voting rights (treasury management, protocol upgrade,…) and other benefits, as you can read in this article.

So, integrating USDA or stUSD goes beyond merely adding a reliable and yield generating stablecoin. It opens the doors to Angle Protocol, and to the ownership of its stablecoins!

To put it simply, protocols will achieve higher returns by integrating USDA compared to any other stablecoin.

Muscle in USDA with Angle Prots

How to get ANGLE tokens and be part of Angle Protocol?

It all happens with Angle’s integration credits known as 'Prots' — growth enablers like Proteins, designed for Protocols.

Protocols accrue Prots when integrating Angle’s stablecoins. Prots will grant them the ability to claim ANGLE tokens.

The more USDA or stUSD a protocol holds, the more Prots credits it receives.

  • Holding 1 USDA/stUSD for 1 day yields a minimum of 1 Prot

  • Holding 1 USDA/stUSD for 1 hour equals 1/24th of a Prot

There is no minimum holding period for USDA/stUSD to earn Prots credits.

Prots can accrue to protocols or directly to their users if protocols decide to do so.

Not quite sure how Prots work yet?

Let's take the example of a perpetual dex protocol who just integrated USDA.

For each new USDA deposited on its platform by its users, the protocol receives 1 Prot per day.

If 10,000 USDA are deposited on day 1, the perps dex protocol earns 10,000 Prots; if 10,000 new USDA are deposited on day 2, the protocol earns a total of 20,000 Prots.

These 20,000 Prots credits, will be exchangeable for ANGLE tokens and the perp dex protocol will become co-owner of Angle Protocol and the USDA stablecoin!

Prots boost for best protocols

Holding 1 USDA/stUSD for 1 day yields a minimum of 1 Prot, but protocols can earn a whole lot more! Various credit boosts take place:

First comers, boosted rewards

  • First protocols to join the program get a x4 boost on Prots accumulation

  • Protocols joining the program after June 2024 get a x2 boost on Prots accumulation

    First come, first served!

First month boosted points

Prots earning will be boosted by x2 in the month following a USDA integration

Biggest TVL contribution, big boost

Protocols contributing the most to the TVL of USDA deserve extra rewards:

  • Protocols contributing between $5-10m TVL of USDA get a x2 boost on accumulated Prots

  • Protocols contributing >$10m TVL of USDA get a x4 boost on accumulated Prots

    All these boosts are cumulative! A simple USDA integration can yield significant returns!

    Want Prots and ANGLE? Get whitelisted today!

    To participate in the integration program, protocols and USDA/stUSD integrators need to be whitelisted by Angle.

    This can be done by completing this simple form or by reaching out to a member of the Angle team directly via Telegram.

  • The first season of the integration program will last for 4 months or until USDA reaches 500M in supply. At the end of season 1, all Prots credits will be convertible in ANGLE tokens via the Merkl platform.

    Don't wait any longer! The integration program is already live and projects like Exodus, Spectra, Synonym Finance, Vela Exchange, Mitosis and Extra Finance or ecosystems such as Morph have already been whitelisted!

    Legal Disclaimers

    Prots integration credits are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other digital asset than ANGLE tokens. It does not entitle token holders to any promise of revenue, fees, profits or investment returns.

    Prots do not represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in any entity, enterprise or undertaking.

    Prots may have no value and there is no guarantee or representation of value or liquidity for it.

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